A Freethinker(?)

by Katoliko

The Filipino Freethinkers headed by a certain Red Tani has been shown before on national television. But before you check this particular group, try checking the group’s background first via their own website and facebook accounts (as of this writing, the group has a couple of accounts).

If you are familiar with this group, you can see that this particular group headed by Red Tani has one mission, separation of state and church, but if you can note the things they have posted in their website and facebook accounts, separation is not enough, it is the total aboliton of the church and the establishment of a state without any moral codes or values, that is why in every issue that the Catholic Church is discussing (whether it is the RH Bill, LGBT Rights etc.), always expect the Filipino Freethinkers to appear out of nowhere to contradict the Catholic Church. Their mission is to bash the church with all their might.
It is no question that this group is an atheist group, but do not be fooled when they say that they have deists in their ranks, you have to take note that a person who is a member of a religious organization can still claim that they are a member even though they no longer practice their faith. The example of this people are like the ones who say that they are a Christian but lacks the effort to attend a worship service with an alibi that God is everywhere and they don’t need to show their faces in church in order to receive God’s blessings.
First lets start with the group as a legitimate group. Well as of this moment, the Filipino Freethinkers promote science, reason and secularism. Seems nothing wrong about their advocacy but they failed to say that they just wanted a 100% secular in other words…Godless society since most atheist believe that as long as there is a God out there, man will never be free, and this group are the Freethinkers remember that fact! Remember how they supported Raymond Palantino and how they defended him when Palantino’s proposed bill that would remove religious objects inside offices was scrapped? The Filipino Freethinkers defended Palantino without mentioning that they supported the young politician with his bill. In my personal opinion, it is quite obvious that the bill was implanted in the mind of the young politician, that is why the Freethinkers reacted that way when the bill was scrapped, just like a baby wailing after someone took his candy…boo hoo hoo!
Well the only mistake this group has made is that they act like children. Pure and simple. They even posted on line their strong reactions about their failures.
I remember watching a video during one of their forums (If I remember it was their first forum), it was quite amazing that this people managed to organize a forum but unlike a regular forum, this gathering looked just like an ordinary classroom Group Discussion. And just like what I expected, the forum was attended by mostly atheists. And lo behold the President himself, Red Tani, who said that he is an atheist, BUT they can also consider him as an agnostic. Well judging by his statements, it is well clear that Red Tani is not that convinced with his beliefs or unbelief. For an atheist, there is no God.Period. For agnostics, the existense of God and His role in man’s life is debatable, but that doesn’t mean an agnostic is a believer. Mr. Tani on the other hand is trying to sail in two different rivers. I belive Filipinos have a term for that, BALIMBING. If Mr. Tani doesn’t believe in God, he better proclaim it to the entire world that God doesnt exist so he can raise his arms straight pointing in heaven and giving God the “finger”, because he is confident that God is not going to punish him for his blasphemous act.
Speaking of blasphemous acts, just check out the facebook accounts of this so called freethinkers and judge for yourself how they defy God and yet accept people who believe in God.
Hmm…in an interview, Red Tani claimed that the Filipino Freethinkers have many Catholic members, and yet in some of his forums, there were only 2 deists (what are the odds that these 2 believers happen to be Catholics? Mr. Kenneth Keng [the group’s president for Rh Bill advocacy]who claims to be a Christian happens to be an Episcopalian). But no matter how they bash the Church, it is quite hard to imagine that the Catholic members of the Filipino Freethinkers can stand how their fellow freethinkers and friends lash the Catholic Church? How did you ask? Simple, these so called Catholic members are liberated, they believe what they wanted to believe, they pick out the beliefs that are practically suitable to their lifestyles and they disregard the others, needless to say, these so called Catholics are the ones who claim they are Catholics but couldn find a spare time to go to Church because they are scared to death about the priest’s sermon hitting them right on the butt. For them, insulting the priests is totally acceptable since they accuse the clergy of hypocrisy without noticing their own hypocrisy. They believe what they want to believe, and they found a safe haven in the arms of the Filipino Freethinkers.
In other matters, the Filipino Freethinkers claim that they are not anti-Catholic but anti-clergy. They accuse the clergy of hypocrisy. They may compromise with a church without a clergy the same way they will start a conversation with a headless organization. If they wanted the clergy out of the Church, so how do they expect the people who follow the Church to celebrate the Holy Mass? But of course if an ordinary Filipino celebrated Mass on his own eventhough he is not an ordained priest will be condemned by the Vatican.
Remember in the Bible, where propet Samuel warned King Saul because he disobeyed the will of God? King Saul disobeyed God by offering the sacrifices to God himself, because Saul couldn’t wait much further for the arrival of the prophet so he offered the sacrifices himself. Samuel warned King Saul that the he [Saul] would lose his kingdom, after the warning King Saul disobeyed God again…enter David. -1 Samuel 13-15.
What is the point of that Biblical story? Well, for the freethinkers, they believe that a Church without its leaders (meaning the priests up to the Pope) is a better option, the clergy must be eradicated so the people can have the choice to believe what they wanted to believe, without the clergy preventing them. But these freethinkers failed to realize that God, Himself, with His blessings, these men were ordained to become men of the cloth and now this freethinkers wanted to abolish the clergy? By the way, I saw how these freethinkers who call themselves Filipinos ridicule the CBCP, a certain public figure[this person is not really a member of the group but he is well acquainted with them] even posted a caricature depicting a Filipino Archbishop in which his body is resembling an erect male sex organ. I can only imagine that this is his way of paying back the CBCP for being thrown in jail.
I am just wondering why the Filipino Freethinkers keep on bashing the CBCP and yet they failed to ridicule Pope Benedict XVI? Double standards? Or perhaps the Filipino Freethinkers are practical church bashers, they will only mock those they can get their hands on. Perhaps they can send Red Tani (or Kenneth Keng, he is wealthy enough to travel to Turkey) to the Vatican so he can spit on the Pope’s face and spray paint the walls of St. Peter’s “THERE IS NO GOD!”, but they need money, if you can check on their website there is a “donation” button in it via pay pal. Sheesh, donations today, tomorrow tax exemptions for atheists…
As for these atheists…yes for me the FF is an atheist group, if the head is an atheist, the whole body is an atheist. Ika nga kung ano ang puno, ganun din ang bunga.

Courtesy of Yahoo Images

And for the members of the Filipino Freethinkers who would read this blog, I don’t mean to offend you guys but if you believe that we live in a free country so you know that criticizing your group is an inalienable right according to the Constitution in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.
Friendly atheists? Well here’s Mister Friendly Catholic. AMEN.