by Katoliko

Well the Filipino Freethinkers may have received a few minutes of fame a while back but then after their so called exposures to the media, these so called secularists, humanists, atheists, pessimists, ridiculists have gone back to their “lungga”. Probably a spacious Starbucks branch somewhere in Makati or Quezon City.

The FFts have so far extended their reach to the internet by posting their home made videos and even uploading it on Youtube and they even managed to create a podcast on iTunes! Well wonders never cease, or do they? Their podcasts are less than 10, as of this moment they have 8 all in all. I believe that this people have all the time in the world not to mention too many resources and yet they have to come up with only 8? 8 anti religion podcasts? Why? Podcast not too popular with the masses?

Lets leave the FFts for a while and lets desseminate our own society.

We all know that the Filipinos have been believers of Deities even during the pre-Spanish Colonial times, that means religion or shall we say faith in a supreme being (or whatever name you want to call God) has always been in the blood of countless Filipino generations and I don’t think that Filipinos would just denounce God just like that, even if Red Tani and his Filipino Freethinkers (oops I mentioned the group again, sorry!) promote the concept that no God exists.

Lets shift our focus in atheist countries such as Cuba, China and North Korea. These nations are just a few countries who are officially atheist, they don’t let their citizens practice their faith in any other way unless the government sanctioned the religion.

In  Cuba, a Catholic country before Fidel Castro took over  is still a Catholic country. The government just restricted the practic eof religion in Cuba. If I may quote a film featuring Che Guevarra  “In Cuba there is no official religon, but many people still believe in God”. Even if the Castros tighten their grip on religon, faith in God will still linger from the peasants up to the highest member of the government.

China, is probably the worst when it comes to suppressing religion. In order to look good in the International News, China has to officially approve certain religions such as the Catholic Church but the government is the one who has the authority to pick who is going to be the leader of the Church in the country, the Politburo has the shots who’s who to ordain. Sorry Pope Benedict XVI, better pray for China harder so they will end up just like their comrade the Soviet Union one day. Did I mention the religions practiced by the Chinese like Buddhism, Taoism? Well at least the people of China is not 100 % atheists.

North Korea, the Catholic Church has remained steady in the Bamboo Curtain! In an episode of Don’t Tell My Mother, Diego Bunuel entered a church in North Korea because he is curious about the church and  the irony because NoKor is officially an atheist country. Well he walked right in a Mass, where the government appointed priest (just like in China)celebrates Mass with the parishioners who are less than 20 and the entire celebrationlasted less than 20 minutes. Well I can t really blame the people there because NoKor has always been a reclusive country perhaps that is the reason why the Vatican City hasn’t established a diplomatic connection with NoKor because the government is fiercely paranoid about outside influences.

Well there are a few atheist countries in the list but I just pointed out the worst ones when it comes to suppression of religion.

The Philippines may have been having problems with Communist insurgencies which doesn’t respect religion but I don’t believe that the ordinary Filipino especially the poor ones to give up their religious beliefs because of extreme poverty. It is their current state that makes them cling to God stronger than ever.

What the Filipino Freethinkers are trying to do is to guarantee every Filipino their right to choose, to choose what to believe, and not to believe, but it is crystal clear that they wanted to abolish any kind of religion.

Religion is rooted deep in every Filipino’s way of life and the FFts know that.

I just find it hilarious that after 3 years of perseverance, their message hasn’t made any impact yet on the public’s attention, having  a few interviews with Howie Severino doesn’t make them popular as an organization that can provide any significant impact on Filipino society.

The Filipino Freethinkers would always be an underground group, they are too scared to come out of their own social closets so the people will find out for themselves what these certain “intelligent people” can offer them that can change their lvies for the better.


Read my lips my Freethinking friends U-N-D-E-R-G-R-O-U-N-D. AMEN.