The Shame of Maxene

by Katoliko

I kinda liked Maxene Magalona ever since she became an actress, I even remeber seeing her as one of the kids in Ang TV, but now she is a full fledged woman who has finally made a name for herself in showbiz just like her late father Master Rapper Francis M.

A few years after her father’s death, and now the RH Bill is getting a lot more steam than usual, even celebrities are bravely supporting the bill which somehow makes them a wee bit hypocrites.

First of all, I would like to point out the mother of Maxene, Mrs. Pia Magalona, who has been a mother ever since she was 18 years old. Pia is a supporter of the bill but I cant blame her for her stand because she had kids out of wedlock from a previous relationship, and no ladies and gentlemen, i am not referring to the rapper as the father.

A young Mazene Magalona, probably at the age where she think “sex” is a bad thing

But then again for an advocate of the RH bill, doesnt it seem strange that condoms and contraceptives are widely available even back then and yet she and Francis punched out 8 children? including the lovely Maxene who’se beliefs are a mirror of her mother’s.

After a few months after seeing Pia Magalona’s interview and how she blamed the situation  for being a mother of 8 instead of blaming her and Francis’ overactive libidos for having too much kids, I just read a very shameful article by her daughter Maxene. And although I am not a bit surprised about her pro RH Bill, but what she shared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer shocked me beyond belief, I never expected something like this even from a liberated woman such as herself.

After reading her statements, I forgot that the article was meant to say her stand regarding the RH Bill, but later on she made a full confession about her “private” life, and of her ex boyfriends as well.

Its very nerve wrecking for her to say that  “Premarital sex is obviously an important part of a relationship. I don’t have anything against people who wait until they get married, but this is just how I think.”. 

She just admitted her active sex life right there and then!

If she believes PMS as an important part of a relationship so that means (without a doubt) she lives it with all her heart so it is quite obvious from this point that she had slept with her ex boyfriends, the question is did she slept with them all?

One Night Stand

Well she said that she doesn’t practice it, but she should know better than saying it herself on newspaper, if she doesn’t do it, why share her views about it? If she is not against it that means she may have done it with a friend or ex. Sheesh, her RH Bill support bcame a full blown sex confession, I wonder if she contributed some on FHM Ladies Confessions.

The Philippines is a conseervative country and I dont see any drastic changes coming anytime soon, but Maxene’s statement that “Times are changing and we all should adapt,” thats pure BULL! If a nude fad became a trend that doesnt mean all Filipinos should strip to their bare necessities just to make themselves with the “IN” crowd.

Maxene’s revelation came at a right time now that her father is long gone, but I dont believe that Francis M. would like to find out that his daughter has an active sex life even if he was an RH Bill supporter. No father would like that. But failed fathers would condone it just to atone for their mistakes.

I am very disappointed that she even shared her views about sex and judging by her statements, she thinks that couples who wish to find out their compatibility in bed is just SICK! Maxene, Maxene, just imagine some green minded men out there fantasizing you right now.

I am not saying that she should change her views about the RH Bill but she reminded me of that Filipino saying “Kung anu ang puno yun ang bunga”. AMEN.