The Hypocrite

by Katoliko

I am here to express my reactions regarding Carlos Celdran’s recent guilty verdict. Anyway, I believe that mass media is BIAS and they would often put Carlos Celdra in the limelight as  a martyr. Plain and simple.


Well what can I say? Karma. With a capital K!

I have been following Carlos Celdran on his facebook account and i have left lots of comments, and most of them offended him because I was giving him a piece of my conservative Catholic mind (its very obvious that he is allergic to anything Catholic), and just recently he blocked my comments because I criticized him almost everyday. But what strikes me is that he is fighting for freedom of expression and yet he blocked my comments? Where’s the freedom of expression in that? Some of Damaso’s supporters are half witted and one sided because they think that Damaso is being attacked but they refused to see his attacks on the Catholic Church.


Why on earth would you call Intramuros a fresh hell? Dont you benefit from Intramuros and you call it hell?

Seriously, I don’t even have to elaborate any further how hypocritical Damaso is, he refused to publicly denounce his Catholic faith and yet he shows respect and admiration to Catholic traditions. He hates the clergy not the Church itself but that is a big pile of atheist rubbish. I told him once on his facebook account “why don’t you establish your own Church?”, I never got a reply from him.


The thin man on the right is Red Tani. The president of the atheist group Filipino Freethinkers, notice the woman in Damaso’s left, she is wearing the Filipino Freethinker’s t-shirt

Carlos Celdran may have confessed his sins to the CBCP a long time ago but if you or any readers would recall an event in Jesus’ life where he told a woman to “Go and sin no more”, Carlos Celdran “went but sinned again”. He may have blocked my comments but I can still see his anti-Catholic posts, he called the Pope a “douchebag”, he called the CBCP names, he even told me he renounced his Catholic faith long ago, and i still have the e-mail of that comment saved in my yahoomail.


Wala na ba siyang ibang masasabi kundi “douchebag” lang? Kung san san na siya nakarating yun lang ang kaya niyang sabihin. Sa sobrang talino naging eng eng na.

And whats the irony in all that anti-Catholic remarks?


Damasoism 1:Kung ayaw mong manood ng sine sa SM MOA, marami pa namang ibang sinehan sa Manila area. Kaartehan.

Like I said at the start of this blog, he prays to Catholic shrines. He prays to the Lady of Guadalupe, a Catholic veneration of Mama Mary’s apparition in Mexico which was under the influence of Spain, the same Damasos, the Philippines was ruled not directly from Spain but through Mexico. I remember he posted it back in December 12, 2012 because the rh bill is about to be passed.


Damasoism 2: What does he know about being a woman himself? What a BOOB! oh by the way he doesnt have BOOBS

He mentioned good things about the Black Nazarene a few weeks back, isn’t the Black Nazarene a Catholic tradition?? Another irony is that he is a close friend of Red Tani, the president of the atheist group Filipino Freethinker, I can remember Red Tani said in a video blog on iTunes that the Black Nazarene procession is “Stupid”, I am not lying Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Tani said that and yet Damaso supports Tani’s group.


Damasoism 3: Ang naglalakad ng mabilis ay nakukulong ng 2 buwan hanggang 1 taon

Have you guys seen the way he shows his disgust to CBCP? He even has a picture in his facebook of a drawing of ArchBishop Oscar Cruz shaped as a male organ. If you think that is not offensive personally then you are either numb or apathetic. He probably deleted those pictures and posts by now but I doubt it.


Why? Are you the only one in this world who has the exclusive rights to say bad words? The freedom of expression is a RIGHT! not a privilege to satisfy your anti-Catholic urges


Its ironic that you quote the Bible and yet you are close friend and supporter of a group that disrespects the Bible.Ever heard of the saying”Birds of the same feather flock together”?


Damasoism 3: If something bad happens like “losing his phone”, he will blame it on the CBCP even t hough he knows that his own “kaburaraan” is to blame.


Is that a trick question?


Feeling celebrity


Close friends kayo?

He may be a tour guide but he called Intramuros a “fresh hell”, and one time he called a group of American filmmakers bad names because the foreigners cancelled the private tour at the last minute and whats wrong? He posted it on facebook, come on, even if he had  a bad day, its not right to express it on line with the utmost vulgarity. So much for an ideal tour guide. Foreign tourists would have a bad impression of Filipino tour guides that they will get a bad mouthing while their backs are turned. What can I say, as long as Damaso is concerned, freedom of expression is absolute.


Your doctor has warned you…


Thats what you get for disrespecting God, you are neglecting your own health cos you are too busy making fun of Catholicism.


Ok, ok, even atheists like you have to show your “good” side


and whats that make you? an angel?


Sa sobrang talino ng tao, hindi niya alam na nagiging bobo na rin siya


if the CBCP supports teen pregnancy so therefore you are against it, cos with pregnancy, life begins regardless of the mother’s age, and since you are an RH Bill advocate therefore you condemn any woman that gives birth. A Culture of Death advocate.


Bastos pa rin

Damaso’s ego is being fuelled up by his supporters who see him as an atheist messiah. A martyr. But in my point of view he is more of a reluctant martyr because he said that he is “willing to pay the price for a BETTER Philippines” and yet he and his legal counsel is appealing the court’s decision. Where is the willingness in that? Did Jesus Christ complained all the way to Golgotha? Did Jose Rizal screamed all the way to Bagumbayan?


I dub thee…Carlos Damaso Celdran, the Condom Begging Tour Guide of Intramuros, the Pimp of Metropolitan Manila, rise and be recognized


What will you do if the people of the Philippines re-elected these people? you’re gonna jump from an airplane without a parachute? You’re gonna have your testicles removed?


An anti-Catholic man prays to a Catholic Shrine. Mind you, Protestants do not pray to the Virgin Mary.


Either you envy Chiz cos he has a beautiful girlfriend or are you just plain INGGIT

Oh by the way, so much for a man who considers September 30 as “International Blasphemy Day”.


Damasoism 4: Its okay to say to your customers bad words, as long as you have a thousand facebook friends that will support you in all of your tantrums


Bitter. Just remember what happened to you in Dubai


Damasoism 5: another example of Kaartehan, next time pick another airline.


What a religious man!He only calls God and quotes the Bible when he needs help…


Really? How come you didnt threw a party?


Damasoism 6: Bitter.


The Pimp of Metropolitan Manila has struck again this time abroad.


The important question is…do YOU have delicadeza?

Aside from the Catholic Church, the poor chap appears to be resentful of almost anything that doesn’t agree with him. He said rude things about SM et al., politicians who are anti-RH bill, anti-RH bill congressmen and congresswomen, Cebu Pacific (I was stranded in Tacloban for 3 hours waiting for my Cebu Pacific flight back to Manila but I didn’t complained because I was in the company of good friends), Lance Armstrong (anu pakialam niya kay Lance Armstrong? Close sila?), even foreigners are not spared from his filthy mouth, I am wondering what was he thinking when he cancelled his show in Dubai?

I don’t believe that Damaso will ever learn his lesson, never with that kind of ego stashed inside his thick skull. But I believe his time in prison will teach him a thing or two. I expect his supporters will visit him everyday to give him the comforts of the outside world, but what will the other inmates will say with Damaso’s special treatment?

Someone told me that what you feel deep inside your heart will reflect your outside appearance, meaning it will show in your aura. Because of Damaso’s utter hatred of almost everything and everyone, he starts to show ill health. Well I prayed for his recovery one time but unless he changes his way, his health would deteriorate, take for example Miriam Santiago, the way she despises Juan Ponce Enrile she ended up with a ruptured eye vessel that led to a mild stroke. And as for Juan Ponce Enrile, he is still healthy as an ox. See?

Damaso’s guilty verdict is such a relief, and although this event gives me a slight admiration for the secular world, I still don’t believe that the secularism that Damaso is advocating would bring any better things in our country, just look what the secular law did to the secular advocate. Now he is urging the government to trash the law regarding “offending religious sensibilities”, what’s next? Decriminalize robbery? decriminalize adultery? decriminalize murder?

I laugh at Damaso’s fate, I don’t envy his successful tour business, I laugh the way he paid 30,000 pesos for a business permit. I laugh at the fact that even though he is a popular chap, many Filipinos doesn’t care or give a crap on what he thinks. Ask an ordinary Filipino passing by and ask if they knew Carlos Celdran, either the answer you will get is either no or don’t care. That is a true image of a Filipino that Carlos Celdran would hate, a Filipino who doesnt recognize him.

The freedom of expression is a double edged sword and when offended people are now rallying and screaming for justice, the freedom of expression will not shield Damaso from a flying stone or bottle aimed at his shiny bald head. Freedom of expression is not going to shield him from the judgement of God.

That is why Damaso is against the anti-Cybercrime Law because with that law, his freedom to give the Church the dirty finger would be outlawed. Without the freedom to offend, freedom is nothing. Salman Rushdie said something similar but look at Rushdie now, he is still on the run after almost 24 years of hiding. I doubt Damaso can live like that.

My advise to Carlos Celdran, repent, stop his anti-Catholic ways and be grateful that he is not going to end up like Salman Rushdie. And as for me, I pray that he become a modern day St. Paul, so I can call him Mister Carlos Celdran once again. Amen.