An Open Letter to an Ungrateful Newspaper

by Katoliko

I have been reading the Philippine Daily Inquirer since I was in elementary, back then I am not interested in the Editorial Section of the newspaper because what do I care about a bunch of people speaking their minds?


Cardinal Sin is a big influence during the first EDSA Revolution, that restored freedom to all Filipinos, the same freedom we enjoy today.

Now that I am an adult and sorry to say to the people who write in the Editorial, I am not a gullible person. After the issue regarding the Reproductive Health Bill [I don’t consider it as a legitimate law], the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been very vicious, vocal and aggressive against the Roman Catholic Church. And just last Holy Thursday, the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Editorial has included a letter from a lapsed Catholic. Well they picked the wrong time to print that letter. Its a slap in the face to print that anti-Catholic message in the middle of the Holy Week, which is a Holy Day for billions of Catholics around the world. The only funny thing that I saw at that particular edition of PDI, is that it was so thin that a notepad is thicker, our worker even commented that the newspaper is so thin that its price is not even worth its weight!


Radio Veritas, do I need to say the meaning of the word “Veritas”?

I have read some of the Editorials and I am not going to name the writers because they know who they are and they know what they wrote for the past 5 months. Its like they made a hobby or a career to attack the Catholic Church on a daily basis and its like their space in the newspaper is not enough. Its like they wanted to print an entire book just for their own opinions.


Even dictators respect a man of the Church, especially if that man of the Church happens to be a Catholic Pontiff

I am a Catholic and I know what is right and wrong. This newspaper is enjoying a freedom brought partially by the Catholic Church. If the late Pope John Paul II didn’t visited the country back in 1981, Marcos would not lift the Martial Law and just imagine how many activists and journalists have been incarcerated during that time, if Pope JP II didn’t visited our country, Marcos could have send more activists and journalists to the slammer. Cardinal Sin along with Cory were considered as the “Architect of the People Power Revolution”.


This statue of the Virgin Mary is the most memorable icon of the EDSA Revolution aside from the main highway itself…

Just remember during the 1986 EDSA Revolution, during its most intense moment, a familiar voice was heard during a radio station, that voice is urging the Filipino people to go to EDSA to aid the defecting officers of Marcos, namely Enrile and Ramos. Who is the man behind that voice? Cardinal Sin, a Roman Catholic. And where did he made that broadcast? In Radio Veritas, a radio station which broadcasts Roman Catholic inspired programs.


Marian Rivera’s character as a Catholic nun during the EDSA Revolution reenactment in the Lupang Hinirang promo by GMA-7

Just take a look at the pictures of the EDSA Revolution, you would see Roman Catholic nuns and priests praying in front of tanks. They are the ones who are standing and praying in front of those tanks, while the photographers are too busy snapping pictures from a safe distance. Even Marian Rivera would agree, she portrayed a Catholic nun in the GMA 7’s version of Lupang Hinirang.


Sisters in EDSA, it s a clear sign that the Church did have a positive contribution to freedom, the Filipino people just have the “Kalimot” disease…

This particular newspaper is either a communist in disguise propaganda tool (judging by the radical activists that write in their editorial columns) or just plain atheists in disguise.

And as for the columnists from Philippine Daily Inquirer, their threats that the Catholic Church would lose its parishioners due to the clergy’s meddling with politics, well all I can say is that I AM THE ONE WHO IS CHANGING NEWSPAPER. Amen.