We are humans too

by Katoliko

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A victim of the Boston bombing

The Boston Bombing was a shocking and very tragic day in the post 9/11 world. The United States has been fortunate to avoid a major terrorists plots ever since the Twin Towers fell, just remember the foiled bombing of Times Square a couple of years back. The bomb just smoked, alerting the authorities and scaring the heck out of New Yorkers whom are scarred for life by the 9/11 attacks.

Survivors of the Boston Bombings, they were lucky

Survivors of the Boston Bombings, they were lucky

The incident that left 3 dead and hundreds of injured is just a simple reminder to the country that their war on terror is far from over even if they already killed Osama bin Laden. The Al Qaeda network is a hydra and Uncle Sam just clipped one of the heads.

Another victim of the Boston Bombing

Another victim of the Boston Bombing

But I am going to focus more on the moral perspective of this tragic incident.

This is not a Katheryn Bigelow script nor a criticism of Zero Dark Thirty.

The tragedy that occurred in Boston is well publicized and it has sent a shock wave through out the world and left many people with the question: Who did it? Why?



First thing that will come to the minds of the people would be the terrorists, namely Al Qaeda. That will send shivers down the spine of every Americans since they thought that decapitating the Al Qaeda network would surely cause the entire terrorist organization to disband, but what happed is a clear sign that Al Qaeda or the home grown cells that were influenced by it are still on the game. Just when you think its safe to say the word “Terrorist” again, think twice people. It turns out that the bombers were brothers from Chechnya and as of this writing, the U.S government hasn’t found any significant evidences or links that the Chechen brothers have received training in Al Qaeda camps. They have forgotten the fact that the 1995 Oklahoma  bombings were handiworks of a Caucasian American, Timothy McVeigh and not by some Arab terrorist group.

Yup, the whole world mourns with Boston

Yup, the whole world mourns with Boston

To make things complicated, Russia has warned the U.S about the brothers’ sudden change of behaviours (I heard that bit from CNN) and the Yanks did nothing.

Why? Of course the first thing would come to their minds would be “Vengeance”, but that is kind of vague since “vengeance because of what? ” would make more sense. These terrorists are avenging what?

Avenging the death of Osama bin Laden -100%

Avenging the death of  Al Qaeda/Taliban leaders-100%

Lets try to understand that vengeance is the main thing that drives these terrorists to kill “innocent “ people. But the word “innocent” must be reserved for the people who are indeed unaware of what is going on.

Martin Richard, the 8 year old boy who died in the Boston Bombing

Martin Richard, the 8 year old boy who died in the Boston Bombing

Why did I mentioned the word “Innocent”? well lets say that the United States and all of its citizens are fully aware of what is happening in the world. They knew what kind of war they are fighting and the risks and sacrifices that are involved, and with this digital age, even an 8 year old kid can be informed that a terrorist can kill and damage property and as a good citizen, they can help  put terrorists behind bars somewhere in an American held territory in Cuba. Nobody is innocent after all…

Lets focus on the victims shall we…

The victims are indeed innocent to the fact that they never committed any crimes, they never harmed a fellow human being. They are purely innocent because they don’t know what will happen to them. They are innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and as innocent people, they deserve the right to live. Nobody has the right to take away their lives away from them.

And as clockwork, the American people who neglected their spiritual if not their religious obligations have flocked the churches and gathered for candle light vigils in remembering the victims.  I have attended Masses in the US before and the attendance is quite normal in my point of view but when it comes to segregating them by races, I am not surprised that Caucasians are the least present in the service, the rest are the blacks and Latinos. Guess the American people are more pre-occupied with their daily lives even though they can at least spare an hour to praise God. And now that terrorist bombs have exploded, they all flock to Churches to pray for a while, the same thing they did after  the 9/11, and when the wounds of the attacks begin to heal, the American people will move on, they will forget that they even attended any religious services. Back to normal.

I have realized that if God would like to catch your full attention, He will do it in mysterious  ways. A sudden tragic occurrence can be one of those ways, just look at the American faithfuls pray for the victims.

And lets shift our focus on the other side of the globe…

The US has admitted that they have been successful in targeting their most wanted people, whether by sending a platoon of Navy Seals to search and destroy ops or by bombing the suspected terrorists to kingdom come. But there is a significant thing in all of these efforts by the US that is often neglected by the American people. This is what they  call “Collateral Damage”.

A U.S Predator drone, both used as a reconnaissance and a

A U.S Predator drone, both used as a reconnaissance and a missile launcher

Collateral damage is a term used to refer to the properties or lives that were unintentionally destroyed or killed in an offensive operation.

The U.S has been successful in many black ops that resulted in minimum casualties but in certain cases, there have been cases where collateral damages that are so high that photographic evidences of those “collateral damages” can make a person yell “murder!”.

Even the media has reported the fact that Americans have been showering other countries with missiles

Even the media has reported the fact that Americans have been showering other countries with missiles

If an American civilian loses his/her life on a terrorist attack whether the act was committed either in abroad or in local places, the whole world mourns and sends their sympathies to that victim’s family and to the country. But when a civilian from some 3rd world country (lets say a Pakistani or Afghan)  gets killed by a hellfire missile from a US Predator Drone, does the US sends any condolences or at least a simple apology for the wrongful death? NOPE. The U.S will claim that it is deemed necessary to include the civilians in the area as collateral damage so the Americans can finally put an end to a terrorist’s reign of terror who happened to be located a few feet from the poor unsuspecting civilian. One less terrorist in the world will make Uncle Sam sleep better at night  at the expense of innocent civilians.

I remember when the U.S bombed a “suspected” terrorist camp in Sudan, the camp turned out to be a pharmaceutical factory that manufactures aspirin.Whoops!

Do I have to explain further?

Do I have to explain further?

So what is the crime of that particular civilian (Pakistani or Afghan)?

What is this child's crime against the United States?

What is this child’s crime against the United States?

He or she happens to be sitting next to the terrorist?

A child just like Martin Richard

A child just like Martin Richard

A relative of the terrorist?

A willing human shield?

Or just a classic case of wrong place wrong time scenario.

These is what Americans call "Collateral Damage",these children were sacrificed so Americans can surely kill a terrorist

These is what Americans call “Collateral Damage”,these children were sacrificed so Americans can surely kill a terrorist

What happened to the U.S is a result of alienation. A couple of alienated Chechenyouth who found the American way of life incompatible with their own lives. I have to admit that I didn’t liked the way Americans live either. The U.S has been enjoying a carefree and liberated lifestyle that it alienated the rest of the world. Time for the U.S to realize that the world was not created just for them.

The U.S government has also been always on the offensive, they never reconsidered that their actions kill innocent lives that will add alienation to the rest of the world. Their so called “policies” regarding other countries is a clear sign that they are committed to control the world. The Americans have been meddling in other people’s business but they don’t want other people to meddle with their business.

The U.S should stop committing acts of  violence as much as possible so they wont reap the fruits of their violent labor. If the U.S would only believe in God just like what their coins say, they would conclude that violence is not always the solution, and just like what Jesus Christ said in the garden of Gethsemane when Peter chopped a guard’s ear-“Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword”. The U.S should be the first one to observe peace.

In today’s perspective-“Those who bomb other people will be bombed as well”

The victims of the Boston Bombers are human beings with rights, but for the victims of U.S bombings in other countries, don’t you think they have the right to tell the world “We are humans too”. Amen.

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